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Workshop, book signing at Creative 360 to focus on tapping into inner artist

Making art is a full-time job for Frankfort resident Ellie Harold, but it’s a career she hopes never to retire from.

A book signing event and workshop with Harold is scheduled for this weekend at Creative 360. She hopes to encourage all artists to tap into their own experiences.

Harold’s journey to becoming an artist took many years to develop. She was interested in art as a young girl, but was discouraged by her father who was a commercial artist. He criticized her work, and it wasn’t until she was 52 that she began her career as an artist.

“Though I tried at different points in my life to take a class or sketch or do something with art,” Harold said. “I never had any confidence.”

Harold worked as a registered nurse, then went to seminary and became a minister. Years later, she had what she calls a “second calling” to pursue art. She bought art supplies and six months later began painting flowers. Harold soon discovered that her past careers have supported her as an artist; her quick reaction time and observational skills as a nurse played into her outdoor painting.

In the 18 years since becoming an artist, Harold has created over 1,000 paintings – from still life to abstract – and mentored aspiring artists.

“There are a lot of people who have convinced themselves that they can’t paint and they aren’t qualified because they didn’t feel like they had any talent. As a young person they were discouraged like me,” Harold said. “I enjoy working with people later in life.”

Creative 360 ​​heard about Harold through one of its longstanding volunteers and performers, who attended one of Harold’s workshops. After learning about her book, “7 Habits of Deeply Fulfilled Artists: Our Aesthetic Needs & How to Meet Them,” Creative 360 ​​Executive Director Laura Vosejpka felt Harold was a perfect fit for the creative center’s programming.

“7 Habits of Deeply Fulfilled Artists” is the second of Harold’s three books. It presents practices that Harold had formulated as an artist and was presenting in her workshops. Creative 360 ​​will host a book talk and signing event with Harold at 7-8:30 pm Friday, March 11. Harold will present a few ideas from the book, share stories from her own life and explain how her art has progressed. Copies of the book will be available for sale at the event. Admission is $15.

Harold will also lead a two-day workshop, “Making Intuitive Art: Permission to Paint Expressively” on Saturday and Sunday. The workshop will include discussions about Harold’s processes and the notion of abstract art, followed by hands-on artmaking. Participants don’t need any past painting or artistic experience, and artwork will not be critiqued. Instead, Harold will emphasize the experience of making art, allowing participants to feel free while making their own artpieces.

“There can be so much freedom if we can get beyond the rules about what we think a good painting looks like,” Harold said.

“It’s more like coming to one of our yoga classes than coming to a technique class. It explores who we are as artists,” Vosejpka said.

Making Intuitive Art is set for 9:30 am-4 pm both Saturday and Sunday at Creative 360. The cost is $300. Workshop participants are invited to the book talk and signing, 7-8:30 pm Friday night, free of charge.

To help with the workshop’s cost, an anonymous benefactor is providing two scholarships, each worth $150. In addition, Creative 360 ​​is willing to work with the two scholarship recipients to provide supplies, so they will not have any additional cost apart from half of the tuition. Vosejpkas people who are interested in the scholarship to contact Creative 360 ​​as soon as possible so they have plenty of time to make sure they have the necessary supplies.

No proof of income is necessary to apply; applicants will be asked a handful of questions about how they heard about the scholarship and their interest in the workshop. Those interested in the scholarship may call Creative 360 ​​at 989-837-1885 or email Vosejpka at director@becreative360.org

To learn more about Harold and her work, visit www.ellieharold.com.

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