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Worried About Your Holiday Party? NY Health Commish Offers COVID Advice For The Surge

Sean Carlson: Hey Doctor, welcome back to WNYC.

Bassett: I am happy to be back with the people of my hometown.

Speaking of which, city officials say COVID cases have tripled here in recent weeks. How would you describe COVID in New York State across New York State now? And where do you see the worst effect?

Like you said, we saw a spike that started over the summer that was related to the delta variant, and then we reinforced different precautionary strategies.

Now has come the winter hike, which has already begun in November. We’re seeing a rise in hospital admissions, and the percentage of tests that test positive is increasing.

There is variation across the state, but using the CDC definition of high transmission, every county in the state is classified as a high transmission county.

That’s why the governor decided to take statewide action on Friday last week when she implemented a new mandate on concealment or vaccination.

How much is the increase due to omicron diffusion? The director of the CDC and the state Department of Health website says it represents 13% of the currently serial cases in our area.

Omicron here. 13% is an estimate, but every day I see the omicron case numbers increase. everywhere they ascended; They went up very quickly. So we can expect to see that happen here.

But one thing is for sure: wearing masks helps. Immunization, full vaccination and addition of steroids.

So we have an uncertain situation, but we have very specific tools. We need to use these tools now.

To that end a question and a hypothetical: What does all this mean for people who go to things like holiday parties? And are you going to a holiday party now? If you did, what precautions would you take?

We know that the increase in winter is related to the fact that people are more indoors. So, if you are in a public indoor space, everyone should be masked or vaccinated.

My advice to all of us is that we tailor what we do to the most vulnerable individual in our family group. For me, we have young children who are too young to be vaccinated, and I have a 93-year-old mother.

So we don’t want to have people we don’t really come to a family party with. We want everyone to be vaccinated. We prefer to be outdoors, and we all wear masks indoors when we’re not eating.

I’m out and about. I ride trains. I ride the subway. Before I go to see my mother, I make sure to get a negative test.

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