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Erica Barnett, right, is shown with her husband and son. She is a Washington State Community College Respiratory Therapy program student who received the Donald Morris Charitable Trust Scholarship. (Photo Provided)

To promote access to college for students throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, Washington State Community College and the WSCC Foundation offer more than a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships each year. While WSCC low tuition rates, students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help make their education even more affordable. In fact, WSCC and its Foundation are currently accepting applications for scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Forty-four percent of WSCC students have a household income of less than $30,000, said Reba Bartrug, WSCC’s Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid. While the institution has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, paying for college is the biggest obstacle for its students, said a press release from Washington State Community College.

“For many of our students, the dream of going to college can only be a reality if there is financial aid available. The scholarships we award annually are a valuable means of supporting those dreams,” said Bartrug.

Through March 15, applications are being accepted for more than $300,000 in scholarships available from both the College and the WSCC Foundation, said the press release.

Scholarships range from $250 to awards that pay all tuition, fee, and book expenses, said the press release. Selection is based on a variety of factors including financial need and academic merit. Bartrug emphasized that students only need to fill out one simplified scholarship application called the One and Done Application to be considered for any of the awards available. The application is available online at wscc.edu/scholarships.

WSCC President Dr. Vicky Wood reinforced Bartrug’s message, saying “Financial funding like scholarships remove barriers and help students earn a degree that leads to a job with good earnings potential.”

She said each year the college has a larger pool of scholarship applicants, however, with rising inflation combined with the increase in enrollment, she anticipates “the need will be greater than ever before.”

Bartrug is working with the Foundation to reach out to the community to connect with individuals and businesses who are interested in helping to expand scholarship support, said the press release.

“When we help our students, we are ultimately strengthening our community,” she said.

Last spring, Erica Barnett submitted her One and Done Application. As a result, she was awarded one of the WSCC Foundation’s largest scholarships, The Donald Morris Charitable Trust Scholarship. This renewable award covers her tuition, standard fees, books, mandatory supplies, as well as licensing and testing fees, said the press release. For Barnett, who, prior to enrolling at Washington State had needed to work as many as three jobs at one time to make ends meet, said she enrolled in college to “create a better future for my child.”

The 24-year-old mom added that, “I am very grateful. I am a mom with a two-year-old and it was very scary to go back to school and get loans to pay for it. Now with this scholarship, I don’t have to worry about it. I am now more ready than ever to create a career and be the best I can for my family.”

All scholarship criteria and applications are available at wscc.edu/scholarships. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 15, 2022. The scholarships available are both merit and need-based, therefore students, in addition to the One and Done Application will also need to have a 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file with the college. FAFSA filing assistance is available through the WSCC financial aid department at 740.568.1908 or email finaid@wscc.edu.

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