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Young artists encouraged to apply for LRAC summer mentorship program

High school students interested in pursuing the arts through a summer mentorship program are encouraged to apply to the Lake Arts District Council Arts Mentorship Program.

The program provides scholarships to a limited number of students, currently in grades 9-11, who attend public, private, or home school and live in a nine-county locality.

The program provides students with the opportunity to study with a specialist in their chosen field (music, visual arts, creative writing, media arts, architecture, theater, fashion design, dance, etc.) during the summer months.

Each scholarship, worth $600, is awarded based on the student’s commitment and potential for technical advancement – no formal training is required. The Art Council’s carefully vetted mentors are experts in their chosen fields.

LRAC makes every effort to ensure that the Technical Advising Program Scholarships are available to all eligible students in Baker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Bob, Stephens, Traverse and Wilkin counties.

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For more information visit lrac4.org/arts-mentorship-program Or contact Rebecca Davis, Program Coordinator, at lrac4@lracgrants.org or 5780-739-218.

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