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YSU Offers Strategies to Reduce the Cost of College – Business Journal Daily

Written by Eileen Ross, Associate Vice President, Student Enrollment and Business Services

Youngstown, Ohio – Should your choice of university be based on price?

No. But legitimate concerns about student debt should be a major point of consideration for anyone facing the difficult decision about attending college.

The importance of the academic experiences offered by YSU is second to none when related to the actual cost of attendance and the value of the degree earned. It is hard to beat the quality of higher education provided by YSU.

YSU has developed strategies to address the rising cost of education. Two of these strategies include the Penguin Tuition promise and out-of-state tuition reduction. YSU out-of-state students now pay only $360 more per academic year than Ohio students. With an in-state tuition of $9,953, YSU’s tuition is among the lowest in the region and the third lowest among Ohio universities.

The Penguin Tuition Promise provides a flat-rate tuition fee for four consecutive academic years, guaranteeing a flat fee, including room and board, for an undergraduate degree. It is designed to make college cost predictable and affordable and encourage students to complete degree programs within four consecutive academic years.

YSU also offers ways to reduce costs and time to complete certification:

• Taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams gives students the opportunity to earn college credit for what they know. These tests test knowledge of introductory topics and save time and money.

• Earn college credit in high school. YSU offers and accepts classes taken while in high school that were taken for college credit at the same time.

• Advanced placement courses taken in high school where students who obtain a passing grade on an examination receive college credit.

• High school seniors can apply for admission to be considered for YSU scholarships upon admission.

• YSU offers merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen and transfer students who recognize academic achievements and encourage the completion of the YSU Foundation Scholarship Application.

• YSU Sokolov Honorary College offers scholarships and housing scholarships that can be combined and stackable.

• YSU offers payment plan options that make it easy for students and families to manage payments.

Whether you have a financial need or wealth, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is necessary to receive a full financial aid offer. The expected family contribution or EFC number from the FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for scholarships, grants, work-study and loans.

In addition, there are federal tax benefits for higher education that will reduce net costs in each calendar year.

Research indicates that college graduates earn more than high school graduates. In most cases, a college degree has lifelong financial benefits. A college degree is an investment in the future and valuable in ways that are hard to measure.

The recently concluded “See Tomorrow” capital campaign raised $126,187,126 for YSU and its students. Many people who donated have received degrees from YSU.

“Without Youngstown State University, many of their lives would not have been the way they were fortunate,” said Jim Trissel, president of YSU.

There are incredibly talented and successful YSU alumni who were willing to give back to their university in an unprecedented way because the return on investment for a degree from YSU was life changing.

YSU understands that college is expensive and has developed practical strategies to help students reduce the cost by exploring all financial aid options.

Students who pursue all available forms of financial aid often do not pay the sticker price because many scholarships are offered by YSU through the YSU Foundation. These scholarships are in addition to federal and state grants, and foreign-funded scholarships that students qualify for.

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